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Michele Bonelli
Urban ll Series #1
Urban ll Series #2
Urban ll Series #3
Alice in Wonder...20
Random Thoughts #7
Random Thoughts #8
Random Thoughts #5
Alice in Wonder...3

All images © Michele Bonelli. Images may not be reproduced in any way without permission of the artist.
Please contact the artist directly to inquire about or to purchase art.

Contact - email: bonellistudio@earthlink.net
phone: 718.786.4048



Michele Bonelli is a NYC based artist whose essence of “Art” is intrinsically rooted in the process of art making. It is an introspective methodology incorporating the conceptual ideas derived from both life experience and an Undergraduate Degree in Studio Art, an MFA in Painting, plus numerous years of formal art studies.

While the imagery of Bonelli’s paintings are intended two-dimensional microcosms of sights, sounds, and rhythms governing an array of subject matter from landscapes to still life expressed in the abstract, they are at their core an ongoing examination and exploration of the principles of the making of 20th Century Abstract Art. The paintings are the product of a synthesis of styles as expressed visually in the contemporary traditions of Pop Art, which evolved from Cubism. What is derived from this process is not about the experience of making art, but rather what comes out of the experience.

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