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Elinore Bucholtz

Brave New World


All images © Elinore Bucholtz. Images may not be reproduced in any way without permission of the artist. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about or to purchase art.

Contact - email: e.bucholtz@rcn.com
phone: 212.777.1279
  website: web.mac.com/elinorebucholtz


Elinore Bucholtz 's art career has gathered momentum quickly in the past couple of years with over twenty shows through various organizations here in Manhattan: WSAC, Women In the Arts, OIA, Salmagundi Club, AVANTI, Community Church Artgoup, Times Square Hotel Gallery, and now Metropolitan Artists.

Her artistic development has also moved rapidly from representational to abstract art in a very brief period of time. Her abstract art is loose and free flowing and has been described as "intuitive", " spontaneous", creating a sense of "limitless space", and having " light interact with matter in a way that breaks down the barriers between the physical and the ethereal. "

Ms. Bucholtz has used all these media: pencils, pastels, watercolor, water-based oil, and acrylic. Currently she works in acrylics with occasional pieces in watercolor.

In terms of the historical sweep of art development, her work easily falls under the general rubric of Abstract Expressionism. However, it moves on from where that approach was at its most popular by its innovative use of very informal strokes, incomplete forms, unusual arrangements, and "accidentals", gestures that seem to fall where they may, to create a more serendipitous experience for the viewer. Her use of color, too, is unique to her style by being freely chosen based on visual connection rather than rules.

Ms. Bucholtz hopes to develop these techniques for even more serendipitous adventures on the part of her viewers and toward the creation of a new category that will be known as Abstract Lyricism.

Her education includes UCLA, Adelphi University, and the Art Students League.

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