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Myrna Harrison-Changar

Shadowplay # 5
The Ledgeworker
Cracken Sliver of Life
Earth on the Moon


All images © Myrna Harrison Changar. Images may not be reproduced in any way without permission of the artist. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about or to purchase art.

Contact - phone: 212.663.1422

Myrna Harrison Changar has spent a life pursuing movement, first as a dancer with an interest in choreography. There was a seemingly natural progression from dance, to theater, to filmmaking. Although in film, she mainly used the senses of movement and feeling, it wasn't until she worked in the editing room that her visual sense began to develop. Collage was learned as an exercise for film editing.

Collage led to other visual arts. Filmmaking led to photography. Sometimes, Changar will see her photographs as a sequence, like frames in a film. Frequently she is drawn to a subject because of their dance like positions, not because of what the subject matter is.

To curate an exhibit--is like directing a film. The walls are Changar’s screens and the objects d'art are the elements of the whole final production. Changar has curated 15+ exhibitions.

Very little of Changar’s formal education has prepared her for her life in art. Watching her children learn taught her to play and experiment, breaking down all the inhibiting barriers that would have prevented her from expressing herself artistically.

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