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Leanne Martinson

Albero da vita #1
City Mood-Pink
Helter Skelter #2
Untitled I


All images © Leanne Martinson. Images may not be reproduced in any way without permission of the artist. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about or to purchase art.

Contact - phone: 212.645.0701

Leanne Martinson's oil painting and collaging combined with oil paint on canvas and paper are the vehicles that underpin her exploration into the elements of picture making.

Applying thick and thin paint, using a full color palette and freely adding charcoal and pastel marks, all contribute to a characteristic gestural style. Also, recycling previously completed work allows adjunct images to enrich her alla breva paintings. At times, these "collages" are the images themselves. She rethinks and recombines completed paintings and graphics, which then continue the journey with her.

Leanne’s conscious approach to all of her work is to include "air" within strong strokes and abstract images. While painting, she often turns the direction of canvases to find the thrust that is needed. She may join (or add) pieces to form diptychs, triptychs, etc. to fully accommodate larger ideas. Allowing things to happen during the process. Serendipity is a central feature in all her work.

All techniques, palettes, images become intertwined. She will let the underlying expression, through color; dictate the outcome, whether the format is calm or agitated.

Leanne heartily endorses Lee Krasner, who said: "For me, I suppose that change is the only constant. "

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