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Meyer Tannenbaum

Direct Impact #14
Gesture Geo... #38
Gesture Geo... #17
Direct Impact #11
Soft Impact #45
Soft Impact #51
Soft Impact #52
Soft Impact #56


All images © Meyer Tannenbaum. Images may not be reproduced in any way without permission of the artist. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about or to purchase art.

Contact - phone: 212.799.4212

Meyer Tannenbaum's mature abstract paintings began about 1970. By that time he had absorbed such influences as Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, and Mondrian’s sense of structure.

A series of star-shaped canvases—pictures that are both solid and fluid—started him off. These led into a long series of geometrics in both black and white and in color.

By 1984, Tannenbaum was working more fluently, aided by his decision to abandon brushes, and obtaining a kind of controlled spontaneity. The Gesture Geometric Series (1997-1998) are excellent examples.

His latest work of the last four years, the Direct Impact Series, now consists of more than 100 paintings and is ongoing.

Some of Tannenbaum’s art reproductions and other related materials have been accepted by museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston, Texas. His paintings have been selected for national venues by various curators such as Tracey Bashkopff, Guggenheim Museum, NYC; Ginger Gregg, Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; and Henry-Flood Robers, Jr., Jacksonville Art Museum, Mississippi.

In the past two years, Tannenbaum has exhibited paintings in the International Communication Exhibit, Seoul, Korea; the Shin-Jung Gallery, Tokyo, Japan; and the Modern Art Museum, Saitama, Japan.

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